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God of War: Ascension developers unsure what's next for the studio and Kratos

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The developers at SCE Sony Santa Monica Studio, the company behind the console versions of the God of War games, don't know what's next after God of War: Ascension, according to an interview with CVG.

For now, SCE Santa Monica will be supporting Ascension with multiplayer and DLC, lead designer Mark Simon said. But the company's next project is undetermined.

"We actually don't know what we're going to be doing after Ascension," Simon said.

Whatever the future holds for the studio, Simon said he's impressed with the PlayStation 4's specs and would like to see Kratos return.

"I think there's still life in Kratos," he said. "He's a fun character to design games around and I love playing him."

For more on both God of War: Ascension's single player and multiplayer components, be sure to check out our review.

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