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War of the Roses DLC features narration from actor Brian Blessed

Paradox Interactive released new downloadable content today for medieval action game War of the Roses, an add-on audio track that replaces the game's current narrator with voice acting by British actor Brian Blessed, the publisher announced today.

The optional add-on is available on Steam for $4.99. Players who use the track in War of the Roses will have Blessed, noted for his numerous portrayals of Shakespearean characters and deep-voiced vocal work, narrating battle-charges and various scenes. Check out the video posted above for a sneak peek of Blessed's vocal work.

Paradox has also released a demo for War of the Roses through Steam. The publisher notes that no experience points earned in the demo can be carried into the game, nor is the demo compatible with the Brian Blessed voiceover track.

War of Roses launched for Windows PC last October. The title is set in 15th century England during the famous War of the Roses struggle over the English crown. Players can create their own characters and fight for either the Lancaster or York rival houses.

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