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Former Gas Powered Games animator Kickstarts turn-based roguelike, Crayon Chronicles

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Former Gas Powered Games employee, animator Paul Zimmer, launched a Kickstarter fundraiser this week for a light-hearted fantasy role-playing game called Crayon Chronicles.

Zimmer was one of the many developers let go from Gas Powered Games after the studio experienced mass layoffs earlier this year. He has since teamed up with developers Justin Clark, Howard Mostrom and Andrew Dickman to work on Crayon Chronicles, a side project that both he and Justin Clark co-created, which has been in the works for the past three years.

Crayon Chronicles is a single-player, turn-based roguelike RPG for PC (and eventually Xbox Live Indie Games) where players go on an adventure to fight monsters, bees, banshees and baboons while picking up loot. The developers say the game takes two to four hours to complete and the levels are randomly generated, which encourages additional playthroughs.

The Kickstarter campaign is asking for $5,000 so that the developers can polish the game, test and bug fix, set up the game's storefront and market the game. The game has raised $4,430 at the time of writing.

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