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Left 4 Dead 2 gets Brutal Legend 'axes,' teases Resident Evil 6 zombies

Left 4 Dead 2 players can show their love for Double Fine Productions' Brutal Legend — which was recently re-released on Windows PC through Steam — thanks to the Steam Workshop. A pair of axes, both wielded by Brutal Legend's Eddie Riggs, are now available as melee weapons in Valve's zombie apocalypse shooter.

The Brutal Legend Battle Axe and Flying V Guitar are two of the many downloads available in Left 4 Dead 2's Workshop, with no additional purchase required to nab the weapon cameos.

On the Left 4 Dead Blog, Valve teases another potential crossover, this one from Resident Evil 6. Promising some content tutorials for Workshop content, Valve shows a model of a zombie that looks strikingly like the Bloodshot enemies from Resident Evil 6.

Capcom plans to release Resident Evil 6 on Windows PC — and through Steam — on March 22. Given Valve's history of allowing content from other properties into its games, Left 4 Dead 2 may be getting similar treatment.

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