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Next Borderlands 2 DLC will include a sixth playable character, possibly melee-focused

The next DLC pack for Borderlands 2 will add a sixth playable character, according to a teaser trailer debuted at SXSW Interactive minutes ago.

The panel, led by Gearbox's Jonathan Hemingway and Matthew Armstrong, ended with a tease at the future of Borderlands 2, including a gory, silhouetted trailer showing a massive figure crushing enemies with a flurry of violent melee attacks.

"Deep beneath Pandora, an experiment has escaped," the trailer exclaimed. "Bandits beware, a new Vault Hunter is coming. More mayhem awaits."

The possibility of a new melee character lines up with scant details dropped by Hemingway and Armstrong, who lamented Borderlands 2's lack of a melee character — like the original Borderlands' pugilist, Brick. They also said they liked the stacking mechanics introduced by the last character added to the game, the Mechromancer, but didn't confirm whether or not this mechanic would make an appearance with the new character.

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