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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons walkthrough trailer explains game dynamics

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A walkthrough trailer for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, a top-down adventure game from Starbreeze Studios, introduces players to the game's titular duo and gameplay mechanics.

In Brothers, players take simultaneous control of two brothers as they search for a cure for their dying father. The older brother is controlled with a controller's left stick, while the right moves the younger brother. Interaction, which differs depending on the brother, also corresponds to either the left or right trigger. You can watch the trailer above, hosted by game director Josef Fares, to see the game's simultaneous play in action.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is being developed for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Windows PC through Steam. The game is expected to launch in the spring. Starbreeze, the studio behind Syndicate and The Darkness, is also currently working on a sci-fi first-person shooter called Storm.

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