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DayZ devblog features updates on zombie pathfinding, inventory and more

A new devblog from the creators of DayZ, a standalone game based on the Arma 2 mod, details several improvements on systems such as inventory, crafting, zombie pathfinding and more.

The 21-minute video above touches on several of these updates. The game's inventory system now supports crafting, tracking, weapon custmization and more, while zombie movement is more accurate. Additionally, zombies will spawn directly onto the server.

Other updates include loot spawning inside of vehicles and map expansion.The game's health system will incorporate health, blood and consciousness level, which will be further explained in future devblogs. You can read the full update here.

DayZ is being developed by Bohemia Interactive and Dean Hall, who created the original DayZ mod. A previous devblog offered a look at the motion capture process for the game's zombies.