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Xi3 Piston's customizable user interface debuts at SXSW Interactive

The user interface for the Xi3 Piston, the easily modified, small gaming PC that took the stage at CES 2013 after Xi3 announced a partnership with Valve, debuted during the company's SXSW Interactive presentation.

The user interface demo, seen in Polygon's off-screen video above, allows users to customize the presentation and content of the PC's main menu. Users can choose from a variety of colors for each of the options, as well as which programs launch when those options are selected. In the demo, the presenter selected Steam as the console's go-to Gaming command; after launching, what appeared to be a placeholder, pre-recorded Tomb Raider clip played.

The user interface also allowed the presenter to launch Spotify, which was the program assigned to the Music option, which also launched what appeared to be a pre-recorded demo of the music service. Other options not demonstrated include TV, Communication, Computer, Home Automation, Streaming Games, Streaming TV, Streaming Movies and Streaming Music — perplexingly, this was not the option that booted the Spotify demo.

Check out the video of the Xi3 Piston user interface above. Pre-orders for the PC, which start at $999 with a $100 discount during the duration of SXSW, kicked off today.

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