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Shovel Knight successfully funded, stretch goals announced and first one cleared

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The Kickstarter campaign for Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight met its funding goal over the weekend, hitting its $75,000 goal and clearing the first of its recently-announced stretch goals.

For meeting the first stretch goal, $80,000, Yacht Club will include an in-game music player that will play back Shovel Knight background tracks. Players can collect "song scrolls" throughout each level and take them to a bard character, who will add them to the music player.

The $90,000 stretch goal will add achievements to all versions of Shovel Knight, while $100,000 will add a new game plus option. Higher level goals include Mac and Linux versions for $130,000, a gender swap mode at $160,000 and an additional challenge mode at $180,000.

Yacht Club Games is considering inclusion of a four-player battle mode for reaching $200,000. This multiplayer section will be local co-op only and included in all versions of Shovel Knight. The developer hopes to add different modes including a cash-collecting mode in which players knock each other down to steal gems, a racing mode and a "last man standing" free-for-all combat minigame.

Yacht Club previously announced it would bring Shovel Knight to 3DS and Wii U should the project meet its Kickstarter funding goal. Backers can snag one of these two versions by donating $15 and up.

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