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Guild Wars 2 adds retro content pack Super Adventure Box, playable through April

ArenaNet is adding a special content update to Guild Wars 2 in which the entire map will be transformed into a retro-style video game with aesthetics straight out of the 80s, the company announced today.

According to ArenaNet, the inclusion of Super Adventure Box began as an April Fool's Joke, but has been extended to be playable throughout the entire month of April. The land of Tyria will be overrun with "pixelated rabbits" and "giant mushrooms," some of which can be seen in the gallery above. Background music has also been tweaked to a steady stream of retro-electronica tunes.

Players can access Super Adventure Box near a portal in the Lion's Arch area, where a character named Moto has set up entrance to the retro mode. All items and buffs will be disabled once players enter. Any baubles collected in Super Adventure Box can be traded for bauble bubbles, which in turn can be traded for special retro-themed weapon skins and continue coins (extra lives). Players are also advised to purchase a shovel once starting the mode, as there is hidden treasure buried in corners and difficult-to-reach places of certain areas.

For more details on navigating Super Adventure Box, check out the FAQ posted to the Guild Wars 2 official website.

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