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Zynga's Battlestone action-RPG launches in 'select markets,' going global soon

Battlestone, the iOS and Android action-RPG in development at November Software, a studio acquired by Zynga late last year, has launched in select markets, and its worldwide release is expected soon, the dev team announced today.

The game is a reworked version of a title November was working on prior to its Zynga acquisition titled Golden Arrow, and has undergone a slight visual shift towards the cartoonish in the transition, which you can see in the gallery above. The title features "an intuitive control system" based around simple one-finger gestures, unlockable and customizable heroes and social features like multiplayer guilds and player vs. player tournaments.

Battlestone is Zynga's latest concerted effort to break into the "mid-core" market of gamers, a group seeking an accessible experience with deeper gameplay than most casual games have to offer. That goal helped shape some of the changes Golden Arrow underwent in its transition to Battlestone.

"Battlestone has advanced a long way from its initial concept, but we've stayed true to our original vision: bring players a brand new, more accessible way to enjoy an action RPG game," November's Szymon Swistun wrote on Zynga's blog.

The title is currently only available in India, though Swistun promises that "it won’t be long before it’s available more broadly."