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Soda Drinker Pro developer launches Kickstarter for game within the game, Vivian Clark

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Soda Drinker Pro creator Will Brierly recently revealed that the soda-drinking simulator has an experimental game hidden inside it called Vivian Clark, and he launched a Kickstarter campaign for the latter title yesterday.

Vivian Clark is "a game about changing perspective," says Brierly in the Kickstarter pitch video. "You start as a raindrop, and whatever you land on, you become."

In one example Brierly gives, the raindrop lands on a bird, and then the bird flies into an electrical outlet, and then the electricity lights a house on fire, and then the smoke ascends and you become another raindrop. The actions you take can affect the world, too: You can be flying a plane and bombing random houses, but later in the game you might become a family in one of those houses, and the state of its home will depend on your previous actions.

Brierly got the idea for Vivian Clark from the Harry Nilsson song "Think About Your Troubles" from the animated film The Point!, and from the sketch comedy series Mr. Show — they share the idea of one thing flowing into another. Vivian Clark is currently accessible through a "secret passage" in Soda Drinker Pro, but Brierly and his team at Cambridge, Mass.-based Snowrunner Games want to build out the title: Right now it contains 40 different worlds, and the studio is hoping to bring the number up to approximately 150, or even more, with the help of Kickstarter.

Snowrunner is asking for $20,000. Backers who contribute at least $10 will get a copy of the game on Windows PC, Mac or Linux, a price that the studio says is a significant savings over the final price, which it estimates will be $30. Rewards for backers include the game's soundtrack, signed artwork and the ability to send Snowrunner a sentence that will inspire one of the worlds.

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