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Next Xbox will 'interact with your cable box,' Kinect will detect eye movement

Microsoft's next-gen Xbox will feature a set-top box similar to Google TV and a Kinect sensor that can detect eye movement, The Verge reports.

Speaking with sources familiar with the project, The Verge reports that the system functions by passing a cable box signal via HDMI. This allows the Xbox to stack user interface features on top of already existing channels. Microsoft has reportedly partnered with content providers and will continue to push out support for other cable services in the future. A constant internet connection will be required in order to use these services.

The next-gen version of the Kinect will be able to detect eye movement, The Verge reports. To pause content, users will simply have to turn their head away from the TV. Additionally, the sensor will be able to detect several people at the same time.

Polygon reported previously that Microsoft is planning to reveal its new console in May and that the console would double as a cable box. Initial rumors placed the unveiling sometime this month. The console is also reported to use an AMD "Jaguar" chip and will not be compatible with the current generation of Xbox 360 games.

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