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Former nDreams designer forms Hoverfly

Former designer for nDreams, Nicholas Pendriis, has founded a U.K.-based independent studio to focus on the development of iOS, Android and Windows PC titles.

The new studio, called Hoverfly, was initially founded by Pendriis last year after a move from Japan to the U.K. According to the developer, the games industry proved so difficult to enter into he was forced to create his own studio simply to begin work.

"I had just arrived back in the U.K. after living out in Tokyo for some time and I needed work. Despite truly valiant efforts, I just couldn't get a job. My resume is respectable and my references show that I'm an asset but it's tough out there. For everyone," he told Develop.

"However, my motivation to succeed is fuelled by deeply personal reasons and is, frankly, completely unstoppable! So I decided to create my own job. One that would capitalise on my lifetime of experience, skills, ideas, contacts and intellectual properties. That stuff has value."

According to Pendriis, the studio takes its cues from the film industry by positioning itself as a "game production company." The studio is in talks with a number of partners and plans to contract some of its work to external developers.

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