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BattleBlock Theater will include user-generated playlists on Furbottom’s Features

BattleBlock Theater, the multiplayer action game from Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth, will showcase user-generate playlists on Furbottom's Features, the developer announced.

The Behemoth will review submitted playlists and the best will either be featured on either the Story or Arena mode playlists.

In order to be chosen for Solo Adventure or Co-Op Adventure Playlists, users must submit the following in this order: nine classic adventure levels, five challenge levels and one classic secret level. Players are required to specify if their playlists are solo or co-op.

Players who want to submit an arena mode playlist must submit at least three arena levels of any mode. The Behemoth writes that the more levels in a playlist, the better the chances of being picked.

Video tutorials on how to create and upload an Adventure playlist. The developer invited gamers to submit user made levels last month. BattleBlock Theater launched on April 3 for the Xbox Live Arcade. For information on the title, read our review here.

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