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Disney Infinity trailer shows off the creative game-building Toy Box

Disney has released a new trailer for its upcoming Disney Infinity showing off the game's creative mode, Toy Box.

The Toy Box is where Disney Infinity meets LittleBigPlanet: Players can create their own words with iconic Disney landmarks like Scrooge McDuck's money bin or the Disney castle, and even set up their own objectives and minigames.

"We've created games inspired by Donkey Kong, Mario Bros 1-1, Ironman Stewart's Super Off Road, Gauntlet, Contra and Joust to name a few," the game's executive producer John Vignocchi told Polygon at a preview event.

Disney Infinity will release this August for most current-gen platforms, both console and handheld. As with Activision's popular Skylanders, toy sets including extra Disney characters will be sold separately.