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Redditor creates a Fallout-themed version of Monopoly for his wife's birthday

A redditor and crafty husband who goes by XsimonbelmontX created a custom version of Monopoly based on Fallout for his wife's birthday, according to his post today on Reddit's /r/gaming hub.

His wife is a "huge Fallout fan," so he spent eight months and "roughly $180" on supplies like ink cartridges and clay, painting over and pasting pictures onto a Monopoly board. In an album posted on Imgur, you can see the final result, including the Fallout-themed bottle caps that serve as the board game's currency.

His custom board game is more than a skinned version of Hasbro's real estate simulator, he revealed in the comments.

"It is more than just Monopoly," he wrote. "The basics are there, but I added and changed a lot of rules, there are attacks, items, perks, and different playing strategies, it's much more exciting than standard Monopoly."

You fan find out more about the project, including the Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas-inspired twists in the gameplay, in his Reddit comments.

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