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Channel 4 to air a game show based on Draw Something

Zynga, Channel 4 and Victory Television have teamed up to develop Draw It!, an upcoming TV game show based on Draw Something, according to a press release obtained by VG24/7.

In Draw It!, two teams of two, each of which includes one celebrity, will square off over three rounds, earning "gold coins" for correctly identifying drawings. The winner will team up with both celebrities in the final round, where they must guess five correct drawings in 90 seconds. If they fail, the cash prize rolls over to the next episode.

"We're very excited to work with Channel 4 to produce a brand new show inspired by one of the biggest hits in app history to date," said Victoria Ashbourne, Victory Television's managing director. "There's a creative side to everyone, sometimes more obvious than others, and the show will really tap into that with a race against the clock and plenty of humor."

In June 2012, CBS announced that it was developing a game show based on Draw Something. Last month, Ryan Seacrest, an executive producer of the show, revealed that Draw Something 2 is in development.

OMGPOP developed the mobile drawing game, and Zynga purchased the developer shortly after its release last year. A representative for Zynga confirmed to Polygon earlier this month that former OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter left the company.

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