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How 1912 high school uniforms shaped the look of Bioshock Infinite's Elizabeth

Concept artist Claire Hummel, who assisted in visual development for BioShock Infinite, has taken to DeviantArt to share some design work detailing the evolution of heroine Elizabeth's wardrobe.

Hummel posted a series of sketches showing several concepts for the outfit Elizabeth wears during the first half of the game. Hummel's notes indicate that Irrational Games was going for a school-wear aesthetic with her first threads, basing them off 1912 high school uniforms. Regarding her skirt, a hemline at or above the knee for the period, Hummel writes, "is a stretch."

She shows several different options for Elizabeth's hairstyle, including updos and loose braids, as well as a handful of of color schemes for her final outfit. The last row of drawings show the battering Elizabeth's clothing takes as she attempts to escape Columbia, detailing a gradual progression of disarray and tearing.

Hummel also provides a piece of concept art showing Elizabeth's finalized outfit, as well as some designs for the clothes and faces of the enigmatic Lutece twins.

Check out Hummel's DeviantArt profile page for more of her work.

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