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Game designer Dan Teasdale departs Twisted Pixel

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Game designer Dan Teasdale left Twisted Pixel Games today for a new project that's "incredibly unique and amazing," he announced on his Tumblr page today.

"The last couple of years have been a blast, and I'm going to miss everyone here at Twisted Pixel tons," said Teasdale, adding that "the upcoming slate of Twisted Pixel magic is as fantastic as you'd expect." His next project will remain secret for the time being, but Teasdale said it is "a shift" from his career to this point.

Teasdale, a 15-year veteran of the game industry, joined Twisted Pixel in July 2010. He served as lead designer on The Gunstringer and worked on the Windows 8 port of its DLC, The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles, as well as an unannounced title. Prior to his time with Twisted Pixel, Teasdale spent more than four years at Harmonix, during which he served as a top designer on the studio's three main Rock Band games. He has also worked at Irrational Games and the now-defunct Pandemic Studios.

Before beginning his next project, Teasdale will be spending some of his time off working on Super Drake Tracker 2000 EX. The iOS and Android title, which debuted during Giant Bomb's PAX East 2013 panel (start at the 27:00 mark), lets players keep up with the globe-trotting John Drake, Harmonix's director of communications and brand management. Teasdale launched a Kickstarter for the game earlier this week, asking for $550; the campaign has pulled in more than $10,000 in under four days, making it nearly 1,900 percent funded.

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