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Divinity: Dragon Commander available for pre-order now with $5 discount

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Divinity: Dragon Commander, Larian Studios' dragon-centric real-time strategy game, is available for pre-order now with a $5 discount through

Pre-orders are currently priced at $39.99. In Dragon Commander, players must reunite and rule an empire. The game features tactical gameplay and turn-based strategy, and players can transforms themselves into a dragon during battle.

GOG recently released a Q&A session with Sven Vincke and Farhang Namdar of Larian studios, which you can watch above. The pair discusses Dragon Commander's influences, gameplay elements and more. According to Namdar, every time players embark on a new campaign, it will be slightly different.

"[During] the turns in Dragon Commander, just like in Civilization, things actually happen," Namdar said. "Only the scripted turns are in the beginning and near the end, and occasionally when there are story events. The rest of it is just a gigantic pool of situations for your generals and counselors that the game draws these things from."

Divinity: Dragon Commander is slated for release on Windows PC July 2. Check out our interview with the game's creators during Gamescom here.

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