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Chris Taylor 'would love' to make Annihilation sequel, but not sure if fans are interested

Gas Powered Games' Chris Taylor "would love" to make a sequel to real-time strategy game Total Annihilation, but is unsure if fans would be on board, VG247 reports.

Speaking with the publication at GDC, Taylor questioned what kind of mechanics players would enjoy and if they wanted a "boxed product experience." Although Taylor wants to make a sequel, he said, there are problems.

"I would love to yes, but the problem is you can't just make a sequel to a game that's 17 or 16 years old," Taylor said. "You have to update and evolve it to fit into the current situation in the market. But it's a really complex question to answer because, do people want something that's been evolved, or do they want to just go back in time and imagine that it's 1998, and we're beginning work on Total Annihilation 2? Do they want that game?"

Gas Powered Games was acquired by Wargaming in February, following the company's tumultuous Kickstarter campaign, Wildman. Days after Wildman's launch, Gas Powered Games underwent "substantial" layoffs, prompting Taylor to reach out to backers on whether or not the campaign should continue. Although the Kickstarter did continue at that time, it was later canceled in February while Gas Powered Games worked on a way to keep the company running.

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