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Indie Fund becoming irrelevant would be 'kind of a success state,' co-founder says

Independent developer funding source Indie Fund is okay with slipping into irrelevancy if it means they're no longer needed, AppAbove Games and Indie Fund co-founder Aaron Isaksen told GamesIndustry International.

Isaksen spoke with the publication at GDC. The developer discussed the possibility of a lessening need for Indie Fund, which he said could be considered something of a success.

"If we become irrelevant because there are better deals elsewhere, either via Kickstarter or direct through people's communities, then great," Isaksen said. "That's kind of a win/success state for us if Indie Fund is no longer required because things have gotten so much better around it. That's fine with us if people don't need our money because they can get the same terms somewhere else."

Indie Fund was formed in 2010 and currently includes big-name indie devs Jonathan Blow, Nathan Vella, Kellee Santiago, Ron Carmel, Kyle Gabler, Aaron Isaksen and Mathew Wegner. The group has funded 12 games to date, such as Dear Esther and Antichamber.

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