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Starbound pre-orders surpass 10k in less than 24 hours

Starbound, Team Chucklefish's sandbox space game, is currently available for pre-order and has raised more than $250,000 with 10,000 backers since its launch last night.

In Starbound, players set out to explore the universe after an unknown enemy destroys their homeworld. Planets are procedurally generated and, according to the game's website, "no two planets should be the same." The game includes quests and story-driven missions, and players will recruit crew members, rebuild a space station, conduct research and more.

Pre-orders are available in several different tiers, beginning with $15, which includes the game and Steam key post-launch, soundtrack and beta invite. Tiers continue up to $2,000, where backers can have themselves immortalized as an in-game statue.

Starbound is currently being developed for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. The game is expected to launch this year. Those who pre-order the game will have access to the beta when it opens pre-release.