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Korg M01D to re-create retro keyboard experience on Nintendo 3DS

Music workstation Korg M01D will allow Nintendo 3DS owners to create electronic tracks on an M1-inspired keyboard through touch, Detune announced.

Released in 1988 by Korg Inc., the M1 was one of the first widely known and used music synthesizers. With Detune's Korg M01D, users can access 24 voice-polyphony and 300 sounds to mix and create music, as well as a KAOSS mode for chords, drums and notes. Check out the video above to see M01D in action.

All music and MIDI data can be saved to an SD card, meaning users can exchange data and convert music files to continue production.

Korg M01D is expected to launch in Japan this May, with a worldwide release over the summer. A price has not yet been announced.

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