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Hammerpoint considering The War Z 'jail' servers for banned players

The War Z developer, Hammerpoint Interactive, is considering cheat-approved "jail" servers for banned players who cheat, according to a post by executive producer of Sergey Titov on the game's official forums asking the community to vote on the idea.

"First of all when we've isolated cheaters on a special server, we can research them better, find out tricks that chat engines are using, try new detection techniques without fearing to ban innocent people. i.e — we can use those guys as guinea pigs for anti-cheat experiments," Titov wrote.

He went on to say that "this is no more than just an idea" and it should be The War Z players who decide on the matter.

"Yet — guys we're not blind and crazy, and yes it make our stomach sick too thinking that those f&%^*ks who been [sic] ruining game for us will be able to continue to play," he wrote. "This is why we think it should be YOUR decision, not ours."

Hammerpoint will post results of the survey once it receives 70 to 80 thousand responses.

Earlier this month, the game's publisher OP Productions took the Zombie-survival MMO offiline due to a database hack that compromised players' information.

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