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Ghost Watch hits 3DS in Japan on July 11, according to new video

A new gameplay trailer for Level-5's Yokai Watch aka Ghost Watch, reveals gameplay mechanics and a Japanese release date of July 11 on the Nintendo 3DS for 4,800 yen.

The video demonstrates ghost hunting mechanics using the character's watch-like contraption to scan the immediate area for ghosts. The turn-based battle system features a creature-select wheel on the bottom screen, which is used to change creatures mid-battle. If a player's creature is poisoned mid-fight, they can use the wheel to select the animal and a mini-game appears, and the player must tap away the poison bubbles to make the creature healthy again.

As reported by Polygon last October, Ghost Watch revolves around a schoolboy called Keita who obtains a wristwatch. The device allows him to see the ghosts and demons that reside in the town of Sakura New Town. Keita teams up with his schoolmates and recruited ghosts to deal with "occult related incidents" and demons.

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