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The Secret World adds new Lair Raid and boss battle with Issue #6 update

A new Lair Raid instance ending in a battle against an inter-dimensional creature is now available for players to tackle in The Secret World, developer Funcom announced today.

This new Lair Raid is the "culmination of The Secret World's Lair feature," according to a press statement from Funcom. Lairs are similar to standard raids in most massively multiplayer online games, where groups of players join forces to scour an area for high-quality loot, earn experience points and engage in high-level boss battles. Each major area of The Secret World's map contains one Lair area for players to explore.

The Lair instance will bring players between the fabric of time and space into an extra-dimensional prison called the Island of Stillborn Stars. There they will take on a "brutal" boss named the Eidolon of the Outer Dark. Funcom notes this boss has laid many "tricks and traps," which can be tackled in groups of ten.

A quick look at the Island of Stillborn Stars Lair and its boss is available in last month's sneak peek video showcasing Issue #6: The Last Train to Cairo, which launched last month. Scrub to the three minute mark for a look.