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The Last of Us contest lets players put their name in the game

Naughty Dog is holding a series of contests that will give 24 dedicated fans the opportunity to see their name in The Last of Us, the developer's PlayStation 3-exclusive action-adventure game.

Through a trio of contests — an art contest, a cosplay contest and a video contest — that run until April 24, players will compete to have their name virtually stamped into the pendants worn by characters known as Fireflies in The Last of Us. The Fireflies are a militia group in the post-apocalyptic world of The Last of Us, key to the game's storyline and the character Ellie.

Each contest will have eight winners, judged and selected by Naughty Dog staffers (and, in the case of the cosplay contest, Ashley Johnson, the actress who plays Ellie).

Details on each contest are available at Naughty Dog's official website.

The Last of Us is scheduled for release on PS3 on June 14.

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