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Rise of the Triad multiplayer footage reveals shroom-powered shooter insanity

"Gibbing in Faku," the 18-minute long multiplayer gameplay video of the Rise of the Triad reboot showcases fast-paced first-person shooter action, re-imagining of classic weapons and the three levels playable in the public pre-release.

The video also shows the first look at the reintroduced Shrooms Mode power-down, which causes the character's vision to go askew and flash colors for 15-seconds..

A level design fly through of the three levels — Castle Grounds, Drop the Base and Triad Drome — can be viewed in the below video. Interceptor Entertainment wanted to stay true to the original levels but make them more clean cut design.

"We have been striving to take our level designs to the next level, without removing what people remember so fondly from the originals," director Frederik Schreiber wrote on the game's development blog.

Both videos feature the music of Interceptor's Andrew Hulshult, who has created the soundtrack for game's reboot. Interceptor Entertainment also revealed the full 16 character roster, bar one secret character.

Rise of the Triad was developed with Unreal Engine 3 and will release Summer 2013. The original Rise of Triad was released in 1994 by Apogee Software.

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