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Tekken Revolution appears on Australian ratings board site

A rating for a new Tekken title, Tekken Revolution, was rated by Australia's Classification Board today, potentially outing an unannounced entry in the long-running 3D fighting game series.

According to the Tekken Revolution listing, which carries an "M" rating for violence, the title is multi-platform, though the Classification Board frequently uses that distinction for titles that are often only released for a single platform.

Last year, a reported Namco Bandai publishing schedule listed a new Tekken game for Nintendo 3DS with a "TBA" release date. The publishing schedule was posted well after the release of Tekken 3D: Prime Edition, a fighting game released for 3DS in February 2012.

Nintendo announced today it will hold a 3DS-focused Nintendo Direct presentation on Wednesday, April 17.

Polygon has contacted Namco Bandai seeking details about Tekken Revolution and will update with any new information.