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Tetris, Pong and Pocket Pikachu for your Pebble Watch

Pebble Technology released a proof of concept software development kit (SDK) for the Pebble Watch last week, allowing developers to add their own apps and watch faces on the device's home screen.

Using the SDK, developer Robert Heese released a Tetris clone for the Smartwatch called Pebblis. The game features vibration for line breaks and game over and quick-fall with long button select.

Since the SDK's release, other developers are also releasing simple apps for the smartwatch, such as James Grandpre who made his Pebble version of Pong available on the forums for smartwatch users to download, and Steven Staff who released a Pocket Pikachu app.

All three apps, and numerous others, are available to download from the Get Pebble forums.

Pebble Technology's Pebble Watch was successfully crowdfunded via Kickstarter and shipped to backers in January of this year. Devices are still being shipped out to those who bought device through other avenues. The smartwatch displays messages when paired with smartphones, such as Android, iOS and Blackberry devices.

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