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Fez soundtrack remix album drops April 20

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The music of Polytron's puzzle-platformer Fez will be remixed and rereleased later this week, one year and one week after the game's original debut on Xbox Live Arcade, in the form of a new album, FZ: Side F.

The 15-track album will contain music from composer Rich Vreeland (aka Disasterpeace) remixed by a gathering of artists, including Vreeland himself. One of those tracks, "Synchrosynct" by Disasterpeace, is available to stream through Bandcamp. The album is available for pre-order at a pay-what-you-want price starting at $5.

The full FZ: Side F tracklisting follows.

1. Disasterpeace - "Synchrosynct"
2. Datassette - "Sync/Glitch"
3. Jim Guthrie - "Nature of Things and Stuff"
4. Eirik Suhrke - "ZEF"
5. Jay Tholen - "The Impartation"
6. Solar Fields - "Puzzle"
7. Stemage - "Flow"
8. Morusque - "Guide"
9. Hyperduck Soundworks - "The One-Two Quickstep Lighthouse Keeper"
10. Monomer - "Death"
11. C418 - "Kompass"
12. coda - "The Clock Master (Sync/Majesty)"
13. Aaron Cherof - "Nocturne"
14. Daniel Olsén - "Adventure"
15. Disasterpeace - "Synch"

Fez will be released on Windows PC through Steam on May 1.

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