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Atlantica Online trailers features Battle Mage and Battle Master classes, Dark Pegasus armor

Nexon released two new trailers for Atlantica Online, its free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game, that introduces players to the Battle Mage and Battle Master classes, and the Dark Pegasus armor coming in the Rise of Atlantis: Awakening update.

The steampunk fantasy-themed game for Windows PC is set in an alternate Earth history. The Awakening update adds the continent of Atlantis, a capital city called Antilla, the Blade Master (above) and Battle Mage (below) classes and a mercenary class. Players who choose the new classes will start their journey from the new city, which is controlled by an AI known as Eve.

Nexon also introduced the craft-exclusive Dark Pegasus equipment. The materials used to craft the new gear will only be dropped in the Tartarus Laboratory Field. At Level 150, the Dark Pegasus gear will be the next highest level equipment. The previous highest level gear was the Pegasus Equipment at level 140. Watch the trailer below to see the new gear in action.

The Rise of Atlantis: Awakening update is expected to launch later this month.

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