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Guild Wars commemorates eighth anniversary with in-game rewards for longtime players

Guild Wars will commemorate its eighth anniversary by rewarding its longstanding players with in-game goodies and providing all participants with a number of carnival-like festivities, developer ArenaNet announced on the game's website.

The anniversary event will begin on April 22 and run until April 29. Players that have been with Guild Wars since its launch in April 2005 will receive a special in-game gift card that will give them their pick of birthday gift boxes (given to players every 12 months they continue to play) available over the past eight years. Players can pick up their presents in the Lion's Arch, Kamaden, Great Temple of Balthazar and Shing Jea Monastery areas.

There will be celebrations at outposts stationed all over the world, as well as a "huge party" at the Shing Jea Monastery. Players can participate in dodgeball games in the Dragon Arena, rollerblade in the Rollerbeetle Racing minigame and participate in other games in the aforementioned areas.

Special items can also be found during the festival, including energy-boosting red bean cakes, cupcakes, sugary blue drinks and more cosmetic items like sparklers. Players who speak to the NPC Ceira on Embark Beach will also receive the Hound of Balthazar anniversary pet.

More details on the Guild Wars anniversary event can be found on the game's official website.