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Metro: Last Light survival guide teaches you how to deal with the bad guys

A new survival guide trailer for the upcoming postapocalyptic shooter Metro: Last Light is all about the enemies you'll encounter in the Metro, and how to take them on.

This trailer elaborates on the first episode of the three-part survival guide, further distinguishing between different groups of humans players will have to contend with in the subway tunnels of Russia. There are three primary human factions, each devoted to a particular ideology on an extremist level: Nazi-esque fascism, classic Soviet communism, and Western-style capitalism. Beyond the three major factions, there are roving gangs of bandits in the Metro, and their bullets are just as lethal.

The trailer stresses that ammunition is scarce in the Metro and that it's always better to try and get an advantage on foes before the shooting starts by extinguishing lights or shutting off fuse boxes, and taking down foes with stealthy melee kills if possible.

Metro: Last Light hits Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC May 14.