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Defiance Xbox 360 and PC servers taken offline to fix game-breaking error in latest patch

The latest patch for massively multiplayer online game Defiance has been giving players on Xbox 360 and PC trouble, resulting in developer Trion Worlds taking down both versions' servers for maintenance, according to tweets from the official Defiance account.

The patch, which was set to fix a number of issues that plagued the title at launch, has resulted in many players on Xbox 360 being unable to load the game. According to a thread on the official Defiance forums, players are receiving a "Game Error" when they try to start, along with the suggestion to redownload the game.

Earlier this morning Trion Worlds announced it would take down Xbox 360 servers to fix problems with the patch.

"Xbox Users please go ahead and download and patch," reads a forum post from community manager Lance James. "You will have an error. We will release a short fix soon to address that error."

Less than two hours later global community manager "Sledgehammer" posted a follow-up stating problems were found with both the Xbox and PC patches, and both platforms' servers would be taken offline with "no ETA" on when maintenance would conclude. The team confirmed in a tweet that the PlayStation 3 version is still running without issue.

Defiance launched earlier this month to reports of game freezes, bugs in many elements of the game and frequent server crashes. According to a post last week from executive producer Nathan Richardsson, the developer has been working to "re-configure and deploy fixes" to rectify the problems.