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Forza Horizon gets free '1000 Club' DLC with new challenges and cars, out today

Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios have released new DLC for their Xbox 360 racing title Forza Horizon, currently available as a free download on Xbox Live.

The "1000 Club" expansion is so named because it adds 1000 new challenges to the game, alongside 250 points' worth of achievements and two free cars, the 1956 Ford F100 truck and the 1995 RUF CTR2, seen in the gallery above. Different challenges might test the player's speed while driving in reverse, or they might task the player with performing specific stunts like burnouts or jumps.

Most of the challenges can be completed with cars available in the standard game, though some may require cars from separately-purchased DLC packs.

Featuring an open-world environment set in the state of Colorado, Forza Horizon was released for Xbox 360 last October.