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Defiance narrative trailer introduces us to the world of the Ark Hunters

A new trailer out for Trion Worlds' near-future MMO Defiance introduces us to the mysterious alien Arks and the player characters who want to plunder them.

The alien Votans came to Earth to settle, believing it to be uninhabited, but were met with mistrust and hostility from the humans already living here. Fighting broke out, but the worst of the destruction accompanied the fall of the Votans' Ark ships. The fall of the Arks led to terraforming of the Earth's surface, transforming it into a hostile environment. However, the Arks were full of advanced Votan technology, and the goal of the player Ark Hunters is to investigate the wrecked hulks for alien riches.

Defiance launched earlier this month for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Its companion TV series premiered yesterday on SyFy. Polygon previously took a look behind the scenes of both parts of Defiance last November.

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