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Mobile Watch List - Dungeon Hunter 4, Mighty Dungeons and Mr. Crab

Two RPGs and a crab!

This week we were trying to go with a theme, having all of the games feature dungeons in some way. Unfortunately it seems that our crack team of researchers could only come up with two recently-released mobile games featuring dungeons. The third is really more crab-centric.

Dungeon Hunter 4 (Android / iOS)

Gameloft's annual hack-and-slash effort returns. In a smart move, they've ditched the arena-style battles from the last entry in favor of a more story-heavy experience. Controls and graphics seem sharper, as well, though you will need a meaty mobile device to run it smoothly.

Mighty Dungeons (Android / iOS)

This old school inspired RPG may not offer much in the graphics department, but if you're looking to relive the days of Ultima Underground and games of that ilk, Mighty Dungeons is a solid offering.

Mr. Crab (iOS)

Last this week we have Mr. Crab, which is a vertical, spinning platformer that may have made me a little nauseous. But, keep in mind, I'm sensitive, so you'll probably be fine. It's also adorable, which will help some.

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