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Unreal Engine 3 used to create $3.2M mountain bike park

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A $3.2 million, 48,000-square foot indoor mountain bike park in Oregon was designed and modeled using Autodesk's Maya and Unreal Engine 3, according to a Wired article.

Former artist and producer for Liquid Development, a firm specializing in video game content creation, Will Heiberg, created a model of The Lumberyard bike park using the 3D program and imported it into Unreal Engine 3 for testing, a choice based on the engine's physics, lighting and rendering.

"It will do a real-time pre-visualization so we could walk our investors through the whole facility," Heiber told Wired.

Virtual riders could have been used to test the circuit but Heiberg opted to ask the input of BMX rider and indoor park builder, Joe Prisel, and his business partner Matthew Mangus. The duo offered insight into how real riders will take to the course and adjusted the track accordingly.

The Lumberyard opened in early 2012 and Heiberg currently has plans for a 20,000-foot expansion.

Coming Soon, Lumberyard MTB from LUMBERYARD on Vimeo.