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Metroid Prime lead level designer offers the chance to be spat out by a friendly monster

Sunbreak Games' Buddy and Me fundraising campaign, spearheaded by Metroid Prime series lead level designer, Jason Behr, is about to come to a close on Kickstarter.

At the time of writing, the campaign has raised $25,330 of its initial goal of $40,000 for the game to be successfully funded, with three days to go.

If successfully funded the endless runner platformer will see a release on iOS and Android-operated smartphones and tablets, and possibly Wii U if its third stretch goal is hit.

The first stretch goal of $45,000 will include a playable girl character by popular demand. A $50,000 stretch goal will expand on gameplay mechanics, such as a Zipline and the Cannonball, "where Buddy leaps up, swallows the player, then shoots him out across the level."

The $55,000 stretch goal will introduce Wii U eShop support so the game can be played on the Nintendo console.

Watch the behind the scenes gameplay video below of Buddy and Me running on a tablet.