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New Super Luigi U DLC launching this summer in North America

New Super Luigi U, a downloadable campaign for New Super Mario Bros. U which makes Luigi the star of the show of last year's co-op platformer, will launch this summer in North America, it was announced on this morning's Nintendo Direct presentation.

During the presentation, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata showed off some of Luigi's unique abilities. In Super Mario custom, Luigi has a bit more inertia than his brother, letting him jump higher and slide further. All courses in the DLC start with just 100 seconds on the board, forcing you to move quickly through them. The DLC will also launch in Europe this summer, and the Japanese version of today's Nintendo Direct outlined a June release window for the region.

The DLC, which was announced during a February Nintendo Direct presentation, will alter the game's 82-level campaign, making a new playground for Mario's green-clad brother. Iwata explained during February's presentation that the size of the "large-scale downloadable content" meant it would take some time to develop.

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