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Mario Golf: World Tour shipping with online multiplayer, tournaments and community features

Mario Golf: World Tour will ship with online multiplayer and a focus on community play, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced today in a Nintendo Direct event.

The 3DS golf game will include real-time online and asynchronous, score based tournaments and "large scale tournament competitions" with scoreboards. Iwata also said that Mario Golf: World Tour will include community play features, which he likened to those in Mario Kart 7.

"This game will also use the community feature that so many of you have used in Mario Kart 7, that will allow you to connect and play with like-minded players or create and recruit players to communities based on particular themes," Iwata said.

Mario Golf: World Tour's multiplayer community features will allow players to set up conditions for joining matches, like matches with traditional golf rules or tournaments scheduled at specific times as they compete against players "all over the world."

Mario Kart: World Tour will also feature local multiplayer and is headed to the Nintendo 3DS in summer 2013.

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