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Three Level-5 games from Guild02 Collection coming to North American 3DS eShop

Three games co-developed by Level-5 and top Japanese developers from the studio's Guild02 Collection will be available later this year in the Nintendo 3DS eShop, Nintendo's Bill Trinen announced today during a Nintendo Direct presentation.

The Starship Damrey, from visual novel veterans Takemaru Abiko and Kazuya Asano, drops players into an eerie adventure with no tutorial or explanation, leaving them to discover the world's secrets on their own. In Bugs vs. Tanks, by Comcept's Keiji Inafune, players take World War II-era tanks that have been shrunk down to the size of insects and attempt to destroy the bugs. And Attack of the Friday Monsters: A Tokyo Tale (image above), from Kaz Ayabe of Millennium Kitchen, concerns a young boy in a world where the giant monsters and robots of '70s Japanese TV shows come to life and battle each other.

All three games are "coming soon," said Trinen.

Update: Level-5 has released a trailer for the three games. Check it out below.

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