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League of Legends adds paid server transfers between North America and Europe

League of Legends players can now perform a one-time transfer between North American and European servers with Riot Games' newly implemented paid transfer system, the company announced on the game's official page.

Transfers cost about $20, or 2600 Riot Points, and are non-reversible unless Riot "happen[s] to be giving away free transfer tokens" during the opening of a new server or region, according to the transfer FAQ. Players will be able to keep their username during transfers so long as that tag is still available in the destination server. If it is unavailable, players will be asked to create a new one.

Transferring players will also will retain a number of their items and stats, including their level, champions, skins, runes and Riot Points, among others. Friends lists, Tribunal Honor Points, forum badges and players' Justice Ratings will not be transferable. Players will also need to secure a new spot in their destination server's League ranking, which will be based on the matchmaking rating from their previous home server, the placement played in games and the destination server's League threshold. League Points will also be reset to zero.

For more details, including a full list of what players can keep after a transfer, check out the full FAQ.

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