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Mars: War Logs overview trailer presents a harsh war-torn life on the Red Planet

Focus Home Interactive has released a new video giving an overview of the story and basic systems in its upcoming downloadable RPG Mars: War Logs.

Jehanne Rousseau, CEO of development studio Spiders, introduces viewers to the world of Mars. A century after the Martian colonists were isolated from Earth, water has become a precious resource and a main source of conflict. Protagonist Roy Temperance's guild Abundance has been defeated by its rival Aurora, and he is now a war prisoner. Roy is given the opportunity to escape and finds himself in a hostile, inhospitable environment where the Sun's radiation burns and mutates those out in the open.

Roy can loot serum from the bodies of defeated foes, says Rousseau, but other colonists won't look kindly upon a cold-blooded killer.

Mars: War Logs will be released as a downloadable title for PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and Windows later this year.

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