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Dust 514 to receive skill and item system upgrade on May 6

CCP's first-person shooter Dust 514 will receive a skill and item system upgrade on May 6 in the upcoming Uprising build, according to a post on the official PlayStation blog by creative director Atli Már Sveinsson.

"We realized that trying to map the new skills, bonuses and requirements to your existing items was not only complicated on the technical side, but also likely unfair to you," Sveinsson wrote. "You may have committed to a certain play style, and with an overhauled layout and collection of skills, you may find yourself regretting some of your prior choices."

Once the Uprising build is released on May 6, players' characters will be reimbursed all skill points earned to date for redistribution for current skills and "the refund value of ISK and AUR items will be based on the market value at the time of the re-spec."

As part of the overhaul, the secondary and tertiary requirement from all skills will be removed, a new node-based view of the skill tree will be introduced and players will be able to upgrade a skill multiple levels, as long as a player has sufficient skill points to do so. For nostalgia and "for those that simply like lists," the list view will be retained in another section of the menu.

More details about the skill system upgrade can be found on the blog post. A future developer blog will outline further details of the skill system changes, tech tree changes and will provide a full list of in-game items to be included in the Uprising update.

Dust 514 went into open beta in January, and is currently available for download via the PlayStation Network.

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