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Firefall public beta coming July 9

Firefall developer Red 5 Studios will open up its beta version of the game for public testing on July 9, the company confirmed with VG247 today.

The closed beta will receive updates in the period before July 9, such as players who increase the power level of major cities through local missions and encounters will be awarded with new bonuses and rewards.

New battle instances against the belligerent alien race called the Chosen, will be added to the closed beta. Gamers will also be able to explore "pockets" of the Melding storm by unlocking special dropships and raising city power levels.

The closed beta will also receive major additions to the crafting and Battleframe progression, along with a new UI.

Interested parties can register for the Firefall beta on the official website. For information about the massively multiplayer online shooter, be sure to see our previous coverage.