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UnderCurrent uses Oculus Rift for a deep sea exploration simulation

A group of students from the University of Teesside in the U.K. are developing UnderCurrent, an underwater exploration game designed for use with the Oculus Rift virtual reality hardware.

In UnderCurrent, players pilot a submarine along the watery depths of the ocean floor. According to a post on the Oculus Rift forums by animator Richard Tongeman, the team has been working on the game since last year as a student project. After testing the university's available virtual reality software they "became fascinated" with the technology and have been studying it since.

Tongeman notes the team has yet to nail down the game's core mechanics and is still experimenting with features that would "best suit" the Rift's capabilities. Currently there are three completed levels clocking in at around 10 minutes of gameplay.

He also states the team has yet to receive its Oculus Rift hardware, but will upload testing footage as soon as they do. The team will continue to provide regular updates on UnderCurrent's progress on their project blog.

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